Bringing its latest generation of the chart-topping Tucson, Hyundai has experimented with both technical know-how as well as vehicle design. Now adorned with a plethora of fresh game-changing features, the new Tucson also brings with itself more than a decade’s worth of experience and scientific advancements.

Sporting a new range of features in its technical package and designing, Hyundai has experimented with the complete vehicle layout and dynamic of the Tucson. With its most advanced model launched until now, the Tucson promises to be a ‘smart tech hero with a standout design’. The car has already sold 7 million units all around the world and keeping its market performance and reputation in mind, we expect the newest model to perform just as well as its predecessors, if not better.

Another example of Hyundai’s Sensuous Sportiness design language, this SUV is the final step towards completion of the automaker’s ambition of electrifying its entire SUV segment of Europe. Starting with vehicle design, the designers decided to redevelop its bodywork while keeping the previous identity of being a decade old SUV. Coordinating the four aspects of proportion, architecture, styling and technology; and using parametric dynamics to define its unique character, Hyundai added a touch of futuristic bold design to its previous element.

Decorated with parametric jewels, the new design exhibits its sensuous personality and sleek sportiness. Customers are also offered with three new shades to its primary colours- Shimmering Silver with optional Dark Knight Roof, Amazon Gray with optional Phantom Black roof and Teal with optional Phantom Black roof. New Tucson’s interior has been designed to offer a serene feel and soothe the senses as soon as one enters the cabin. Its neat layout, smooth materials and an ultra-advanced technological package makes for a comfortable riding experience.

Intuitive and customisable features make it a prime choice for those drivers who like to drive on their own accord and personal preference. The cockpit offers complete alteration of interior features as per the driver, and options like infotainment system and smartphone connectivity ensure that passengers feel at ease inside the SUV. Bluelink and LIVE Services offer real-time information and include aspects like Navigation and Find My Car, proving its utility in cities and their crowded streets.

The fourth generation Tucson has also bolstered occupant comfort with an interior that is not only roomy, but also has all the amenities of an ideal SUV that keeps convenience and ease of access at the top. To answer their customers’ safety concerns, Hyundai also added a host of new features to their SmartSense safety package. These include the new Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist etc. Its higher performance ability and increased stability are courtesy of its Electronic Controlled Suspension, Rack-mounted Motor Driven Power Steering and new valve tech. The all-wheel drive and terrain modes have also played their part in making it the ideal SUV.

Keeping up with their promise of electrification, this new model offers its customers with the most extensive array of electric powertrains in its segment. These are further customisable with the option of two internal combustion engines out of four transmission choices. No matter which kind of vehicle output you’re looking for- Hyundai and its latest creation ‘the new Tucson’ offers to deliver it. The auto manufacturer’s progression towards its electrification and reduction of fuel consumption also allures customers looking for eco-friendlier options of renowned trustworthy cars.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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