The new front, the flowy grille, the aggressive headlamps, the new fastback shape and the improved interiors is meant to give Hyundai the edge against its competitors.

The Elantra is back again for the new model year, and this time Hyundai has outdone itself in designing one of the most striking looking sedans in the segment. The car loses its angular design language from 2019 and gains a sharp and aggressive look for the 7th generation of the sedan. The front has a hunkered down shape, a very attractive grille which comes in black and does not have a bottom boundary, and is flanked by two elongated headlamps which stretch almost to the wheel arches. The front design is similar to the Ferrari 812 and the Maserati Quattroporte, which will definitely attract some buyers.

The car has a Fastback shaped silhouette, the rear features a split design with a depression in the middle and sharp outward edges on the sides. The fastback design was previously used by the Honda Civic, but has been toned down for the 2021 model year. With Hyundai continuing with their breakthrough designs, the Elantra represents the South Korean automakers finest offering in terms of design yet. And for the first time the Elantra will also be offered in a Hybrid powertrain.

The new Elantra has a massively redesigned interior, which can now be equipped with two 10.25 inch screens-one for the infotainment system and one for the instrument cluster. The driver sits in a cocoon of screens and buttons which have been deliberately aligned towards the driving position to make them easier to operate, and poise the car as a driver’s car. A single bar stretches across the width of the dashboard, which contains the A/C Vents, partially camouflaging them and making the insides more minimalistic. Bose Audio system and Wireless charging for smartphones can be equipped via options.

The Four cylinder from the last generation is retained by the Hyundai, it makes 147 Horsepower and 132 Pound per feet torque, and is fitted to all the variants. A lone CVT transmission is available which powers the front wheels, as RWD or AWD options are not offered in the car. The new hybrid has 1.6 litre four cylinder engine which is integrated along with the electric motor, the combined output is 139hp (the electric motor is rated at 43 horsepower) and 195 pound per feet of torque. The hybrid variant gets a 6-speed auto transmission.

What the audience is actually excited about is the N-Line variant of the Elantra. It uses the 1.6 litre GDI unit which is turbocharged to make 201 horsepower and 195 Pound per feet of torque which is offered in a 6-speed manual for those thrill seekers while the seven speed dual-clutch is also offered. The N-Line has slightly distinct styling extras and badging, while the driving dynamics are improved by the Independent multi-link suspension at the rear which makes the Elantra more grippy. On the inside the paddle-shifters make for a more sporty look and sports seats.

The car comes in three trims, the base SE which starts at $19,650, while the middle trim is SEL priced $20,900 and the top trim Limited $25,450. The Hybrid option costs about 3 thousand dollars extra on the SEL and Limited. The N-Line costs $25,095, and is placed below the Limited variant. In India the Elantra is sold in differently named trims, and starts at 18 Lacs INR going up to 25 Lac INR, this generation of Elantra is not announced for the country yet,but it is expected to be done so in 3-6 months.

The Elantra will benefit from its aggressive looks, while its competition relies on contemporary yet unique exteriors, the Hyundai throws them out of the park when it comes to unique design. The car has done well in the country, especially against its rival the Civic. The N-Line can be a go to car for people looking for fast premium sedans.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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