The much coveted vehicle manufacturer Genesis, first launched in South Korea and well known for its unique design language, has yet again come up with a stunning sample of its design philosophy and materialised it in the shape of the new Genesis G70. This model is the perfect embodiment of the Athletic Elegance that makes each of the Genesis vehicles stand out from the rest in their competition.

Genesis unveiled the new Genesis G70 with a small number of pictures before the sales begin in Korea next month. The company aims to solidify its standing in the market with this new and improved model which now flaunts a driver centered interior, a 10.25 inch infotainment system to upgrade user experience and many more additional features. The G70 has been enhanced with prime focus on developing its athletic façade and upgrading its technical features, giving it an overall advancement in all aspects- something which is synonymous with the Genesis name.

In the external physical body work of the new Genesis G70, the moniker crest grill has been set even lower than the Quad Lamps. Since, this is the most ambitious design of Genesis as it most athletic sports sedan until now the crest grill has been positioned to look like a sprinter’s pre-race posture. The side-air extractors have been further developed for maximum efficiency and are complemented by its front wheels- the signature for a powerful sports sedan. Even the Quad Lamp taillights symbolise the Genesis logo along with its full width G-Matrix mesh and body coloured diffusers surrounding the oval exhaust tips add so much more to the company aesthetic.

For the interior, the G70 has been designed in a driver centered form accommodating the latest connectivity specifications and has been made to resemble a fighter jet cockpit. The new 10.25 inch infotainment system sports an exclusive Genesis UI design. This infotainment system has been evolved by the company to modify its user experience further by its over-the-air (Wi-Fi update feature) wireless updates, Valet mode and CarPay. It has also been equipped with a horizontal layout charging system instead of the previous wireless charging system. This enables those with different smartphone sizes to charge their phones without any inconvenience.

At its launch, a Genesis official said, “The new Genesis G70 will engage customers with its dynamic design and the latest innovations in safety and luxury. We are thrilled to reveal more detailed specifications next month.” With this new launch, Genesis has stayed true to its company ideal of creating the finest and athletic automobiles in their class. The Genesis G70 is not only an evolved version of its previous models in physical capabilities, but it has also housed new interior and technical features to provide the best possible services to their customers.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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