In its newest development yet, Ford has added the new Kuga Hybrid SUV to its increasing range of hybrid vehicles. These launches are gradual steps towards complete electrification of the company. Inclusive of Ford’s latest advancements in this sector, this new vehicle is just one of many in the Kuga Hybrid segment which have paved way for the company to have an electric future.

As new innovations further the scope of fully electric and hybrid vehicles, Ford has also set major goals to increase the number of electrified vehicle choices in its entire roster. One of many such fresh projects is the new Ford Kuga Hybrid- an SUV that runs on a powertrain which is both hybrid and fully-electric. The company’s vision has been specifically designed to remain cohesive with today’s snowballing electric vehicle market. Execution of latest innovations and scientific know-how has created this self-sufficient electrically driven SUV.

Roelant de Waard, VP, Marketing, Sales & Service, Ford of Europe said, “Each of our electrified Kuga models brings a unique set of benefits. For our new Kuga Hybrid that includes fuel efficiency and driving range to rival diesel, the extra confidence offered by Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and the effortless refinement of charging cable-free, pure-electric driving. Ford is committed to offering a choice of electrified vehicles so that every customer can find the perfect solution to fit seamlessly into their life. No model demonstrates that better than Kuga.”

Of the seventeen vehicles to be launched, Kuga is the latest self-charging model that offers a total driving range of 1000 km as it uses its petrol-electric and fully-electric power. The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive tech that this SUV is based on offers all the amenities of a new gen vehicle with a driving experience unlike any other. It was designed to accommodate hybrid performance while keeping the room, airiness and utility of an SUV. It would most certainly fit a home that prefers the practicability and comfort of an SUV while using a hybrid powertrain to minimize one’s footprint, with carbon emissions measuring 125 g/km. The 60-cell, 1.1 kWh battery pack uses a liquid cooling system that eliminates the need for a cooling fan, helping reduce noise levels for greater cabin refinement.

A stress-free driving experience is created by features like silent key starting and short distances that can be covered purely on electric power. With its huge traveling range of 1000 km per single charge and single refuelling of its 54 litre tank, Ford has made a persuasive argument in favour of electric and hybrid powertrains. Adapting to an audience that wants electric vehicles but faces charging option restraint, the Kuga Hybrid has widened its customer base by charging the battery without needing any external source of power.

A cabin that is not only roomy but also offers peace from outside stimuli and vehicle noises is ideal for all settings whether rural or urban. The engine warms up quickly due to its exhaust gas heat exchanger system, which means that a driver can use electric driving much quicker as compared to other vehicles. The front-wheel drive model of this vehicle goes from 0 to 100 in a total of 9.1 seconds. Able to drive in a variety of conditions, it also has two driving modes to shift from normal driving to a more dynamic and sportier experience. Its technical and smart equipment help the driver keep an eye on vehicle condition and how it performs on different kinds of roads. High performance, smart tracking, lesser emissions and long range are not the only main components that make up the Ford Kuga Hybrid SUV. It also has a number of standard interior features that make travelling comfortable and much safer. Some of those features include- FordPass Connect modem, Lane Keeping System and Intersection Assist.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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