CHENGDU – Cadillac announced that it has added two variants to its CT6 portfolio featuring Super Cruise, the industry’s leading intelligent driving assistance technology. The CT6 Super Cruise editions, which are priced at RMB 469,700 and RMB 489,700, are available at Cadillac dealers across China.

Super Cruise utilizes two advanced technology systems – the Driver Attention System and precision LiDAR map data – as well as the Blueline lane control system, advanced cruise control and enhanced GPS to ensure safe and confident vehicle operation.

Super Cruise is the world’s first intelligent driving technology to use centimeter-level LiDAR map data. Augmented GPS provides real-time location data that is 4-8 times more accurate than traditional GPS.

The high degree of integration of data, including high-precision map data, real-time cameras, radar sensors and an enhanced GPS positioning system, effectively ensures that Super Cruise is only activated under suitable road conditions, accurately identifying the location of the vehicle and ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the system.

Super Cruise can currently be used on nearly 300,000 kilometers of expressways and urban highways across China. Moreover, the LiDAR map data can be updated regularly over the air to meet the fast expansion of expressways and other road infrastructure in China.

Combining map information and GPS data, Super Cruise creates a virtual path for the vehicle to follow and keeps it in the center of the lane to drive smoothly, safely and reliably at high speed, even in complex conditions such as on winding roads or mountain curves.

When driving at night, in fog, in rainstorms or other low-visibility conditions, the real-time cameras and radar sensors may not work well to accurately read the road ahead. However, the centimeter-level high-precision LiDAR map data system and the enhanced GPS system work together to provide more accurate predictions of the road ahead with a bird’s-eye view.

With the Driver Attention System, Super Cruise has made safety the priority. When Super Cruise is in operation, the system tracks the driver’s head position and facial features in real time through a miniature camera located at the steering column and infrared sensors on both sides of the steering wheel light bar. It identifies the driver’s direction of vision and ensures that they are always focused on driving.

If the driver shifts their attention away for too long, the system prompts them. If the driver fails to pay attention in time, the system will further escalate the warning intensity, using the steering wheel light bar, warning icons, seat vibration and buzzer for enhanced alerts.

If the driver still does not respond, the system will slowly reduce the speed until the vehicle stops and turn on the dual flashing emergency lights. OnStar will then automatically contact the driver to ensure their safety.

In 2017, the Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise was launched in the U.S. and Canada. Customers have driven about 10.3 million kilometers with an average utilization rate of about 50%. In 2019, customers averaged over 110,000 total kilometers per week. More than 85% of current CT6 owners said they would prefer or only consider a vehicle equipped with Super Cruise.

To ensure safe and efficient operation in China, local engineers conducted comprehensive verification of the technology. People of different ages, heights and genders were invited to test the Driver Attention System to ensure proper operation in China and in North America. GM is partnering with AutoNavi, a local leader in HD mapping technology, to ensure accurate and precise operation of Super Cruise in China.

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