The exciting sporty 4 series from BMW has added another one amongst its ranks, the BMW 4 Series Convertible. The sharper lines, diverse range of engine options, advanced chassis and innovative equipment make the 4 series convertible feel different than the 3 series, on which the car is built and improved upon. The whole driving dynamics and the feel of the car are much more distinct, while it is sporty yet elegantly comfortable for the 3 series, it is much more sportier for the open-top speedster, defining the German automaker’s traditional line, Sheer Driving Pleasure.

A new model has been added to the mix, the BMW M440i Convertible. There have been changes to the engine lineup as well, with a straight six for the top spec, and options of  four cylinder petrol or diesel engines, with a pair of straight-six diesels to be added later, the range of engine options, each of which define a slightly distinct type of performance and driving style required lays testament to the versatility and the aim of BMW to build a very wide customer base.

The brand’s new vision for design has rendered the car to have a very long silhouette, something that BMW sport convertibles have been remembered for. The car is considerably larger than the outgoing model, with an increase of 128mm in length, 27mm in width and 41mm in wheelbase measurements. Tyre tread has also been increased, which makes the car look beefier while complimenting the performance with enhanced grip.

The most striking feature of the car is the Vertically aligned kidney grills, angled quite sharply from the top, which makes the air push in at greater force, and is reminiscent of the old fast BMW’s like the legendary M1 and the 1500, which featured a similar vertical grill. The grille also features an active air intake which regulates the air to the engine. The car comes with optional BMW Laserlight, which offers adaptive cornering illumination and at speeds above 60kmph the Laserlight automatically maximises its intensity to light up to a range of 550m.

The Backward positioned seats are meant to enhance the open top experience. The new Panel bow soft-top on the car is as strong as a retractable roof, made up of several layers of insulations and fabric it comes in Anthracite color option as well. It is 40% lighter and takes about 18 seconds to open or close and can be operated while the vehicle is in motion up to speeds of 50 kmph.

The engine has been given a hybrid feature, a 48V starter and another battery help in recovering braking energy, which then is used to supply the electrical systems onboard the car, and lessening the load on the engine. The batteries can also give an extra boost of 8KWhr on the go, the engine a 374hp straight-six is the top spec, along with two four-cylinder options making 184hp and 258hp depending upon model. Diesel options include a four cylinder engine with an output of 190hp, and comes with Twinpower Turbo, with two turbochargers of different sizes which result in a steadier supply of power.

The car comes with eight speed Steptronic transmission as standard across range, with a sportier version which comes as standard in M and M sport versions. The body is very rigid, and is reinforced with extra bracing, shear panel and side skirt with high rigidity. The roofless car has a lower centre of gravity than its coupe version which results in a better control and agile driving capability. The M sport versions come with electronically controlled dampers.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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