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  • Pre-sales from May: In-depth technical update of the best-selling Passat opens a window into the future of the product line.
  • Travel Assist as a world première: The new Passat will be the first Volkswagen to offer partially automated driving at cruising speed
  • IQ.DRIVE: The Passat starts with the latest, most advanced version of IQ.DRIVE – the new umbrella brand for assistance systems
  • IQ.LIGHT: Following the latest Touareg, the Passat will also be offered with IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights
  • Capacitive steering wheel: The first capacitive steering wheel from Volkswagen reacts to touch as a new interface
  • MIB3 goes online: The new Modular Infotainment Matrix systems with integrated SIM card will make their début in the Passat
  • We Connect: Infotainment system offers streaming services, web radio, web app technology, and natural voice control on board
  • We Connect Fleet: Digital Logbook, fuel consumption monitoring and Service Manager save time and money
  • Open to new partners: Integration of new services such as We Deliver and We Park opens the door to the future of mobility
  • Digital Cockpit: The latest generation of digital instruments can be configured via the steering wheel at the touch of a button
  • Zero emissions in the city: The electric range of the new Passat GTE1 has been increased to up to around 55 km2 in the WLTP cycle (approx. 70 km2 in NEDC)

Production record for the debut of the new Passat: the bestseller will pass the 30 million mark this spring. This makes it the most successful mid-size model worldwide. One thing is certain: the 30 millionth Passat will come from the progressively enhanced 8th generation. A major technical update – a Passat that incorporates the latest brand innovations. The new Passat will make its trade fair debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Pre-sales will start in the first countries in May. The market launch will take place in September (Germany).

“Travel Assist” is celebrating its world premiere in the Passat. Making a parallel debut with saloon and estate versions, the Passat will be the first Volkswagen that is capable of partially automated driving at any speed (0 to 210 km/h) with this new IQ.DRIVE system. In addition, the new Passat will also be the first brand model worldwide with a capacitive steering wheel. This detects touch by the driver, providing an interactive interface to systems such as Travel Assist. Another new feature in the Passat is “Emergency Steering Assist”, which increases safety when performing evasive manoeuvres by means of braking interventions. The new, interactive “IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights” turn night into day – this is an innovative light technology that has been exclusively available for the current Touareg so far.

The third generation of the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB3) also has its debut alongside the new Passat. App Connect – the interface for integrating smartphone apps – therefore offers wireless integration of iPhone apps via Apple CarPlay™ for the first time at Volkswagen. If desired, the Passat can from now on be permanently online via MIB3, because the new Infotainment systems come with an integrated SIM card as standard. As well as improved navigation-related services with real-time information, this encompasses new technologies and offers, music streaming services, Internet radio, natural (online-based) voice control, seamless use of “Volkswagen We” online services and future cloud-based portable vehicle settings. It will also be possible to use the first smartphones as a “mobile key” for opening and starting the Passat.

The MIB3 is closely integrated with the new Digital Cockpit. The digital instruments have been considerably enhanced compared to the previous system (Active Info Display). The enhanced high-contrast graphics display is clear and high-quality. The range of functions has been lifted to a whole new level. Three different display configurations can now be customised via the new multifunction steering wheel with just one button.

The drive range has also been enhanced. A perfect example of this is the Passat GTE1) – the plug-in hybrid model in the model line: It will have a considerably extended electric range. This is now up to approximately 55 km2) in the new WLTP cycle, corresponding to around 70 km2) according to the NEDC. At the same time, the combination of the electric motor and turbocharged engine (160 kW / 218 PS system power) means the Passat GTE provides the benefits of a comfortable, safe long-distance vehicle. The Passat GTE already achieves the limits set out in the Euro 6d emission standard, which applies to new vehicles from 2021. All other TSI and TDI units fulfil the requirements of the Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard. In addition, every new Passat – whether a petrol or diesel engine – is equipped with a particulate filter.