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In order to comprehend which country likes what type of vehicles, just check their best-loved and most-selling cars in that nation. In that regard, the year 2020 hasn’t been such a great time for anyone, here we have the ‘Car Crazy India’, who are glad to revisit the list of the best cars that have arrived in India during this year, that is getting over finally.

If there were the only thing that was needed for any Supercars, it would almost surely have to be speed. While some supercars are becoming significantly popular in India, due to which, there are a number of the best cars available that people are interested in buying. However, if you extend the selection and consider the best cars, these models do find a mention in this list of best supercars that launched in India this year. The names you will encounter here are the Mclaren 720s, 918 Spyder, Phantom VIII EWB, amongst others.

Let’s explore some of them in the list curated by Car Crazy India-

  • So, beginning with the month of January, it began well with the second McLaren 720S. The 720S highlights a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 568 lb-ft of torque and 710 hp.

  • This reached to Delhi followed by a 918 Spyder, which arrived in Mumbai for a brief time before moving on. It is a hybrid hyper car like no other one as it is able to hit 62mph in less than six seconds of time. We mean, bring the engine into action and that value is more than cut in half.

  • Then, we have the new Phantom VIII EWB that was delivered to the Ambani’s famed Jio garage and it has always shone at providing luxury features, as being one of those elegant set of wheels is the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

  • Next, Bentley Motors unveiled the facelift of India’s first Bentayga Speed SUV, which got delivered to the 3666 garage in Chennai. The SUV is superb with the iconic W12 powertrain and possesses rich features, including the Mulliner handling specs.

  • Coming to the Ferraris next, the year commenced with Takumi garage seizing delivery of his Argento Nurburgring Pista. Well, besides the aesthetic exterior look, this Ferrari 488 Pista stars a two-piece fashioned wheels, making this Italian car to look even more aerated.

  • This was then, followed by the Bianco Italia Pista Spider, almost every single word in that order seems superbly Italian and expensive. No doubt, they have been redesigned to heighten aerodynamic performance, which was delivered to one of the best collections in Delhi NCR.

  • Next up, we have in the shade of Rosso Scuderia, which is yet another Pista from Bangalore. The Pista is built off in such a way to add some extra bits that allow it to be one of Ferrari’s most potent supercars on the Indian market.

  • When it comes to playing, the 488 gives the power and balance you would expect from a car built by the legendary Ferrari. The Ferraris kept on arriving as Indore received its first Ferrari in form of a 488 GTB, which was delivered there, followed by A 488 Spider, also sold in Mumbai.

  • Then Portofino debuts as a new hardtop convertible supercar in India, which were delivered to the YZP collection in Pune.

  • Meanwhile, Lamborghini Launched the Huracán EVO RWD (rear-wheel drive) in the Indian market. The EVO RWD has offered a long list of free extras that allow customers to customize their supercars to a large extent.

  • In addition, Audi India introduced the new Audi Q8 model, which is equipped with a 3.0-liter TFSI engine that delivers 250kW and 500Nm of torque.

Moving on to February for CCI 2020 rewind, they have divided this month into two sections as many diverse cars were delivered before Covid arrived in India.

  • Therefore, we are serving the plate with the Viola SE30 Huracán EVO– An evolution of the exotic Huracán, which arrived in India.  It is the first Huracán Evo, which also was delivered to Indore in the cultish color of Arancio Xanto. Well, this color makes it simpler for buyers to distinguish and it goes better for marketing also.

  • Another Huracán EVO also was delivered to Nashik soon, perfected in Rosso Mars, this is the first Lamborghini that was delivered to the city kenned for its wines.

  • Wow, we do not need a vaccine to prevent this Ferrari fever, which sustained from January and continued as Chennai got a 488 Pista in Rosso Corsa. This is one of the most pursued Pistas in the country and bestows its garage with the best track tools in India.

  • India’s first Aston Martin DB11 AMR also was carted to Hyderabad which shares its garage with some amazingly speced Luxury cars. And it is fast. At first, we did not think much of the light subcompact when it drew up alongside our 2020 Aston Martin DB11 AMR.

  • The Alien invasion also happened with the first Lexus LC 500h that secretly was delivered to Coimbatore. Its razor-sharp exteriors hide a spacious interior and yes, are still the only one in the country.

  • The Morgan 3 wheeler arrived in India is a revolution against sanitized, advanced new motoring. The reality of driving a Morgan 3 Wheeler is perfect by the latest automotive standards.

  • Well, besides this Covid, something different and special also arrived in a form of Bugatti Chiron. It came to Kolkata airport and unlike Covid, it did not sustain for long in the country.

  • Ending this list with the most compelling, simply-aspirated, GT Ferrari ever made- 812 Superfast which got delivered to the city of Bangalore, while sharing its garage with a racing yellow 991.2 GT3.