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At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Thierry Bolloré, CEO of Groupe Renault, and Laurens van den Acker, EVP Corporate Design, presented the All-new Renault Captur, the latest version of the best-selling urban SUV, with 1.5 million units sold in more than 90 countries.

The best-seller in its category for seven years, the Renault Captur has been completely renewed and offers even more versatility, personalization and safety in surroundings that are more desirable than ever before… All these qualities will support its global ambitions, particularly in the Chinese market.

With the All-new Captur, we took the very best and all-acclaimed features of Captur as a starting point. And then, we pushed them further. We revolutionized the interior, we transformed the body, and we made Captur even more customizable. At Renault, we make the quality of life on board an absolute priority. More quality, more technology, more SUV: the New Captur is 100% Captur, and more.
Laurens van den Acker, EVP Corporate Design Groupe Renault

This second generation, based on the Alliance’s new modular platform, answers tomorrow’s mobility challenges by offering the best of the technology in terms of:

– connectivity, with Renault EASY CONNECT, its connected services and its new multimedia system EASY LINK.

– driving aids, with the Highway and Traffic Jam Companion (level 2 SAE).

– electrification with the E-TECH Plug-in technology.

From 2020 and on, New Captur will be the first in its category to be available with a plug-in hybrid. We developed a unique transmission system adapted to the hybrid requests, together with energy management technology directly derived from Formula 1. At Renault, we are committed to make technology and innovation within our customers’ reach. This is our story, and this is our future.
Thierry Bolloré, CEO Groupe Renault

The All-new Captur is completely reinventing itself: new design, new interior with Smart Cockpit, new quality standards, new equipment, new technologies and new driving aids transcend the urban customizable SUV experience.

As a pionneer on the urban SUV market, the Captur has sold 1.5 million units in more than 90 countries since its launch in 2013. It rapidly became the best seller in its segment, both in France and in Europe.

The All-new Captur embodies the Renault Group’s new strategy as part of the Drive the Future plan (2017-2022).

Its importance is due, first, to its international dimension. It is now a true global product. Already sold on every continent, the All-new Captur will also be manufactured in China.

Its importance is also due to its technological dimension as it meets the three pillars of the mobility of the future:

  • Electric-powered: The All-new Captur will be the first Renault model to benefit from a plug-in hybrid engine named E-TECH Plug-in.
  • Connected: The All-new Captur perfectly illustrates this dynamic with its new connected multimedia system EASY LINK and the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem.
  • Autonomous: The All-new Captur will be one of the pioneers. With the All-new Clio, aids leading to autonomous driving will be fitted as standard to models in B-segment.