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As a pionneer on the urban SUV market, the Captur has sold 1.5* million units in more than 90 countries since its launch in 2013. It rapidly became the best seller in its segment, both in France and in Europe.

On a market that has become extremely competitive, the All-new Captur has reinvented itself by reinforcing the identity which brought its success. It has transformed itself, now displaying updated SUV contours that are both athletic and dynamic.

Still just as modular, it has become even more welcoming due to an interior revolution within that allows it to enter a new dimension of technology and quality.

As the front runner on the urban SUV market, the Captur has always been able to play the versatility card, including in its on-road behaviour. An asset that is only reinforced in the All-new Captur, a model that maintains a reassuring posture on every type of road whilst improving every tangible aspect: steering, suspension, chassis, etc. This has been achieved by using all of the innovations that the Alliance has brought to the new modular CMF-B platform, plus a specific development. The All-new Captur can boast a high degree of comfort for all occupants, yet at the same time it has raised the bar for dynamic driving.

Responsiveness, safety, comfort

The All-new Captur uses the modular CMF-B platform first seen on the All-new Clio, so it provides a similar level of driving pleasure, whilst specific tuning gives each model its very own personality. Versatility remains the watchword, so the All-new Captur is as at home in town, where the need is for smoothness, as it is on every type of road, where the driver demands a touch of dynamism.

So the engineering teams that developed the chassis looked at every parameter to ensure that the All-new Captur has an overall balance that never dulls the feelings of responsiveness and security, especially when it is fitted with the TCe 155 EDC FAP engine. Its reassuring road-holding is maintained by rear axle guidance that offers greater stability when taking bends at a steady speed. Lateral movement is restricted even on the harshest roads, and comfort has been improved with a special development of the shock absorbers. The efficiency of the chassis is supplemented by the more precise, more direct steering. The vehicle’s agility is further increased by 10% reductions in the steering ratio around the zero point and in the turning circle, which is now down to 11 metres kerb to kerb.

Improved sound insulation

Use of the new modular CMF-B platform has also allowed better sound insulation of the passenger compartment. A special effort has gone into various components to boost acoustic comfort for the occupants: a reinforced body structure, the use of new insulation materials, extra insulation in the engine compartment, a full subframe fairing to improve the floor’s insulation performance, the application of new design rules for some seals, the addition of an acoustic film to the windscreen, a twin seal system for the doors, etc. Lastly, the sound level in the passenger compartment has been reduced to 2 dB at between 0 and 80 mph.