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The 2020 Mustang GT will be available with a new Shadow Pack option. Unique dark exterior styling including a black painted roof, bonnet stripes, lower side stripes, spoiler and blacked out badging will make any GT stand out. Complimented with a unique wheel design the Shadow Pack is a must have for any Mustang enthusiast.

The Mustang GT’s 5.0L V8 engine has been expertly engineered to maximise power from every compression by utilising a dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port injection system. Boasting 339kW1 of power and 556Nm1 torque, Mustang GT’s engine roar and wide-eyed performance are the stuff of the legends.

The 12-inch Digital Instrument Cluster is the first all-LCD display ever offered on a Mustang. It’s easy to view, fast and responsive. And, like everything else in this Mustang, absolutely beautiful.

The optional MagneRide damping system provides lightning-quick responsiveness to changing road conditions, automatically adjusting 1,000 times per second. That’s how you can count on optimum handling performance.

Sure, there are other sports cars on the market. But nothing else offers the unique combination of classic style, Hollywood stardom, and old-school V8 performance that you get with the Ford Mustang. Whether it’s the Fastback or Convertible, the Mustang has a heritage few other cars can match.

Cruise Control is great when you leave the city limits. But what about when you’re driving on busy highways and freeways? Mustang now features Adaptive Cruise Control which lets you relax in traffic by reading the traffic ahead with radar sensors and managing your speed and distance as it changes.