The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded the 2020 Ford Explorer with the Institute’s most prestigious award, the Top Safety Pick+ (for models made after May 2020).

The Top Safety Pick+ is awarded after stringent tests, which include six crashworthiness tests which were required to be passed with a score “acceptable or good”, other criteria include headlight ratings in the higher standards on vehicles that must come standard with driving-assistance technologies that aid in collision avoidance and safety. The Explorer passed all these tests with flying colors, making it one of the only vehicles in its class to be equipped with such features and build standards that ensure maximum safety for its passengers.

The SUV got outstanding scores in all the six crashworthiness tests conducted by the institute. The car is also equipped with its renowned Headlamp’s lighting capabilities, enables the driver to see what is on the road for long distances and on the road shoulders.

The Explorer is America’s best-selling SUV, and such sales numbers reflect the customer’s trust in the brand and model. The customer’s use the vehicle for all kinds of purposes and put it through real-world tests. The safety award ensures continued belief in the car and gives greater confidence to its buyers to take the SUV anywhere without hassles. Lee Newcombe, Explorer marketing manager, Ford Motor Company made a statement after the Institute’s award,“ This honor from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reaffirms the obsession of our entire team who work tirelessly toward the goal of helping our customers arrive at these places and everywhere else in between.”

Ford has fitted the Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assist feature in the Explorer as standard, which ensures a maximum suite of safety features for the car. The car was evaluated in both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian categories, which the Explorer passed with excellent scores in both.

The Ford’s Co-Pilot360 driver assist is one of the best on the market, comes bundled with features like Pre-Collision assist and Automatic Braking which works in tandem with Pedestrian detection, Forward collision warning and dynamic braking. Blind spot Info system, Cross-Traffic alert, Lane assist and auto high-beam headlamps are some of the other features with come as standard in the driver assist suite in the Ford Explorer.

The Insurance Institute is a Non-profit organisation which is funded by car insurance companies headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. It has worked for almost six decades to reduce the number of road incidents, and casualties and injuries in said incidents. Has been known to promote policy changes affecting road-safety.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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