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The addition of the BMW X7 to the Bavarian premium carmaker’s model portfolio opens up a brand new dimension in luxurious driving pleasure. The newest and also largest representative of the BMW X family blends lavish presence, functionality and room-comfort with the agile and supremely assured driving properties customers would expect from a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). BMW’s new design language brings the modern elegance characteristic of the brand’s luxury-segment models to the exterior of the BMW X7, while also giving it a distinctly self-assured air. Up to three seat-rows or as a six-seater with comfort seats offer remarkable levels of space, sophisticated design and exclusive equipment features combine to give the cabin a truly luxurious feel.

The line-up of engines for the brand’s first luxury SAV comprises a petrol V8 (not available in Europe), a six-cylinder in-line petrol unit and a pair of six-cylinder in-line diesels. All engines team up with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission and the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system. The BMW X7 comes equipped as standard with two-axle air suspension and Adaptive suspension with electronically controlled dampers. Depending on the engine variant, customers also have the option of an M Sport differential and an Off-Road package, not to mention the Executive Drive Pro chassis system with active roll stabilisation. The BMW X7 sticks to the formula of off-road ability combined with impressive driving comfort and agile road handling for which its SAV models are renowned, courtesy of advanced powertrain and chassis technology.

The progressive luxury epitomised by the BMW X7 is further underlined by the broad spread of cutting-edge driver assistance systems on offer. The Driving Assistant Professional package (including the Steering and lane control assistant) and the Parking Assistant with Reversing Assistant most vividly embody the latest advances towards automated driving. Also to be found on the list of standard equipment is the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, comprising a fully digital instrument cluster and Control Display each with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. Plus, the new BMW Operating System 7.0 enables optimised multimodal operation using the iDrive Controller, the touchscreen display, the steering wheel buttons, or voice and gesture control.