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And now comes the Aston Martin Vanquish 25 by CALLUM, fully endorsed by Aston Martin. Re-visited. Re-imagined. Re-designed. Re-created, refined and Re-born, using new materials, advanced technologies and fresh inspiration. You can be part of this continuing success story, working with Callum Designs to build your own individual Vanquish 25 by CALLUM. It will never be a best-seller, because it is a bespoke build available in a strictly limited global edition of 25 only.

Each one tells its own story. But it is also your story.

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. The first and most difficult decision in the story of the new Vanquish was what not to change. So, there is no change to those perfect proportions. Those smooth, taut lines will remain. But now that beautiful form will be enhanced by a series of focused refinements – some subtle and nuanced, some more substantial and fundamental – which sharpen the outline, and make the Vanquish the Grand Tourer for the 2020s, focused on performance and comfort. An example of this is the 20:20 vision window surrounds which be newely reformed using modern technology. In the 1990s, limitations in the manufacturing processes were compromised. Today, Callum can do it with a seamless, one-piece carbon fibre surround…so, they have.

There is a reason to reinvent the wheel. It’s because Callum have different expectations of a Grand Tourer today: comfort and class must go hand-in-hand with sports car performance. So the track is widened at front and back, making it more stable as well as more purposeful. Dampers are tuned, springs are customised and larger anti-roll bars are fitted front and rear to improve steering. The Achilles’ heel of the original is addressed by larger, stiffer bearings typically found on Aston Martin’s race cars.

Under the bonnet is a V12. But this is a V12 tuned by CALLUM. It delivers an extra 60bhp. It has a new sculpted carbon air box, valley brace and new engine cover, providing functionality in a beautiful package.

Outside, the new bonnet vents carefully allow air into the engine bay. The custom carbon fibre air box, together with equal length primaries, helps the Vanquish 25 by CALLUM to sing. And out of the Integrated Diffuser Exhaust System comes a sound that you will love. This is a inovative design solution too, eliminating the clutter around the valance. And it’s smart engineering, because it also works as an aero device. Plus, for the first time with the Vanquish, the option of a fully automatic six-speed torque-converter gearbox.

There is much to take in, inside you’ll see immediately that, following the original design drawings, it is a two-seater – with a unique new and practical rear environment into which sits a custom set of luggage, crafted by British design icon, Mulberry.

Settle into the lower, ergonomic pre-sculpted seats and you’ll appreciate the optimised driving position, new finer steering wheel and paddle shifters. Your eyes (and your ears) will be drawn to the new carbon fibre topped centre console, which gives you an integrated audio system with CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and an eightinch media display.

Even the new centre console compartment, which contains the unique identity plaque for your car, will attract and intrigue you. Look and you’ll see.

And the re-trimmed and re-profiled panels, made from Scottish Bridge of Weir leather, are the first to showcase CALLUM’s take on ‘abstract’ tartan, which will be one of CALLUM’s design identities for future creations.

Before you leave the car there will be a surprise for you, too. Callum have collaborated with Bremont to create a elegant instrument cluster as well as a bespoke pocket watch.

So you can take your time…with you.

Only when everything is to our satisfaction and yours, will the final element be applied. Our iconic CALLUM logo, signwritten by hand, is unique to each Vanquish 25 by CALLUM. But before that, you are instrumental in the creation of your car. Your imagination is your limitation, however CALLUM have curated a pallette with over 15 colours and finishes which they believe compliment the car.

You will be cordially invited to become part of the team building your car, allowing you to talk colour combinations with Ian Callum. Discuss performance engineering with Adam Donfrancesco.

For the brand, the Vanquish 25 by CALLUM is personal. And they want it to be personal for you too.