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Added e-BOXER installation grade “Advance” to “SUBARU XV” improved model scheduled to be announced in October 2018
Added blue exclusive use for “Advance” and exterior with advancedness and special feeling
Today, September 11th, we opened a special web site and started pre-ordering

SUBARU adds the grade “Advance” equipped with e-BOXER to “SUBARU XV” improved model scheduled to be announced in October 2018, and will release it from September 11, 2018 today. Also open a special web site, post information on “Advance”, advance reservation starts at SUBARU dealer.

“SUBARU XV” is a crossover SUV that combines urban sophisticated design with SUBARU ‘s SUV, and world – class safety performance with the concept of’ Fun Adventure ‘.

The new grade “Advance” adopts SUBARU’s original 2.0-liter direct injection NA horizontally opposed engine + electric motor technology = “e-BOXER”. We will make SUBARU XV’s driving even more pleasant, such as a smooth and light acceleration feeling and high running performance, and also provide a sense of relaxation and comfort in daily driving.

In addition, as a dedicated equipment for “Advance” in the interior and exterior, we newly adopted the body color “Lagoon Blue Pearl” expressing blue and interior decoration with advancedness and special feeling, and blue with fresh transparency .