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Renault unveals the All-new Clio, the fifth opus of its icon, already sold at 15 million units. Since it was first released in 1990, Clio has become the Renault Group’s worldwide best-seller. The vehicle, the most often honoured by the French as their favourite car, has even risen to become the leading model of the B segment in Europe. Between 2012 and 2018, sales of it increased year on year (reaching a total of more than 450,00 units sold in 2018 over the world), an exceptional commercial performance!

The All-new Renault Clio will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 from March 5th.

The All-new Renault Clio sparks an interior revolution

It takes just an instant to notice. Perceived quality and driving station ergonomics were set as priorities for the All-new Clio interior design teams. The cabin takes on a new dimension in perceived quality with high-end materials, a soft coating on the dashboard, door panels and central console surround, and meticulously finished furnishings. Featuring a more compact design to free up space and integrating more in-car technologies, the All-new Clio’s all-new “Smart Cockpit” is driver-focused. The wave-like shape underlines the impression of width. Equipped with the widest screens in the segment, it provides resolutely modern ergonomics for a more immersive driving experience. The All-new Clio also makes innovations unique to the segment broadly accessible, among them an electric parking brake, which is particularly useful in city driving.

“The fifth-generation Clio is very important for us as it is the best-seller in its segment and the second best-selling car in Europe, all categories combined. The Clio is an icon, and the latest features the very best of the previous generations. The exterior design of Clio IV won over our customers and continues to do so today, so we chose to keep that DNA while bringing modernity and elegance to the new model. The interior has undergone a true revolution, with a considerable improvement in perceived quality, greater sophistication and technology. It is the best Clio ever.”
Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design

More elegant and dynamic from all angles, the All-new Clio inherits the sensual shapes of the previous generation. The new model gains in expressiveness while keeping its sleek profile. At the front, the hood incorporates ribs for a sculpted effect. The grille is bigger and the front bumper is more pronounced with a very expressive central air scoop that promotes good engine cooling. In terms of size, the All-new Clio is 14 mm shorter (length 4048mm, width 1798mm) but more spacious inside. The body has been lowered by up to 30 mm (height 1440mm) for better aerodynamics and extra athleticism. The 17-inch wheels (depending on the version) enhance the new model’s dynamic look. Details such as the shark fin antenna, the 100% LED lights, the flush tailgate and the chrome-plated side-window surrounds serve to modernize the exterior and improve perceived quality.

The All-new Clio also comes in a wide choice of finishes offering a unique style:

  • The All-new Clio R.S. Line, with more psorty lines will gradually replace the old GT Line
  • The All-new Clio Initiale Paris, has a unique and elegant design, which will soon be available on the new models of the Renault brand.