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WUZHEN – The Buick VELITE 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV made their global debut this evening at a launch event in the scenic Chinese city of Wuzhen, Zhejiang.

Buick also announced that the VELITE 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will be launched this year and its sibling, the VELITE 6 electric vehicle, will be introduced in China at a later date.

Buick VELITE 6

Buick is focused on electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing in line with its Buick Blue new energy vehicle strategy. The VELITE 6 represents the latest application of this strategy.

The two VELITE 6 models leverage electrification and connectivity technology from SAIC-GM’s parent companies, including Buick’s newest electric propulsion technology and connectivity technology. They are based on the VELITE Concept new energy vehicle that was unveiled in November 2016.

The VELITE 6 has a dynamic posture coupled with a wide stance. The modern, streamlined shape aptly represents the innovative exterior styling that matches the new nameplate’s exciting technological character.

The high-performance propulsion system of the VELITE 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is composed of an EVT electronically controlled variable transmission, two AC permanent-magnet synchronous motors with a high-performance lithium-ion battery, and a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine especially tuned for hybrid vehicles.

The motors and engine efficiently optimize power in different driving modes – such as the hybrid-driven mode of the motor and the engine, the single-driven mode of the motor, and the single-driven mode of the engine. It has a range of 700 km and combined fuel consumption of 1.4 liters/100 km.

The new-generation modular high-performance ternary lithium-ion battery pack will be assembled at the new state-of-the-art SAIC-GM Power Battery Development Center in Shanghai. The battery incorporates leading battery heat management technology, providing independent and uniform temperature control of each battery unit via liquid cooling. This will ensure a longer life cycle and more stable performance.

The VELITE 6 electric vehicle will adopt a new-generation pure electric drive system to offer customers a smooth, quiet and natural driving experience.

The flexible and open cloud-based Buick eConnect technology in both models enables cutting-edge services and over-the-air update capability. With exclusive accounts, users can personalize their settings for OnStar, navigation, internet use and more. Music and destinations can be sent to the car display screen via WeChat in real time, for one-button navigation and listening. Users can also directly receive information about their vehicles’ condition and recommended maintenance.

VELITE 6 users’ smartphones serve as a virtual key to enter and start the vehicle. They can authorize others to use their vehicles through their phones as well. Additional functions and new features will continuously be added to improve the user experience.

Buick Enspire All-Electric Concept SUV

The Enspire all-electric concept SUV explores Buick’s bold design ideas and innovative technologies for future mobility. Sporting crossover styling, its feature lines and advanced aerodynamics accentuate the exterior’s strong, sculptural look.

A “surround skyline” theme and suspended theater-type seating give the Enspire a bright and spacious interior. Simple yet elegant colors and exquisite craftsmanship combine with ambient lighting to wrap users in a premium environment. Its center console and armrests feature natural wood grain and microfiber suede.

The Enspire adopts Buick’s eMotion electric propulsion technology. Its advanced electric drive system has four electric drive wheels that are efficiently arranged in front and back. The system optimizes output according to different operating conditions, for fast, smooth and efficient performance. The high-performance electric motors in front of the front axle and rear axle generate maximum power of 410 kW, enabling the concept to sprint from 0-100 kph in four seconds.

With its modular battery design, the Enspire can travel up to 600 km on a single charge. It supports fast charging and wireless charging. The battery can be charged to 80 percent of capacity within 40 minutes.

The Enspire has an array of cutting-edge connectivity technologies that include an OLED display screen and an intelligent augmented reality technology-based head-up display system. It also adopts the 5G super-high-speed network concept.

The VELITE 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and Enspire all-electric concept SUV will be on display at Auto China 2018 in Beijing, which runs from April 25 to May 4.