In the Passenger Vehicles (PV) segment as part of the two-architecture strategy, two attractive innovations made their global debut at this motor show. These were the ‘H5X concept’ from the – ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture – the 5-seater luxury SUV, set to redefine the SUV benchmarks in the country and the ’45X concept’ – the premium hatchback based on the versatile  – ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ Architecture.

45X Concept

The futuristic and versatile ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ Architecture comes with a radical new
approach to design – allows multiple body styles to meet the evolving aspirations of customers in the automotive market. With light weight, modular and flexible characteristics, the has the ability to evolve into a range of modern, youthful and agile vehicles in a short development cycle.

The 45X concept is a dynamic hatchback and the first product developed on the new versatile ‘Agile Light Flexible Advanced’ Architecture . The 45X aims at reinventing the city car design and resetting the rules for the industry catering to the maturing Indian customer .With greater emphasis on bringing connectivity and everyday mobility together, the 45X is an amalgamation of futuristic design, advanced technology, intuitive connectivity and great performance

Key highlights

  • Sporty silhouette and aerodynamic lines that give the 45X a feeling of agility
  • Signature humanity line accentuated by dual ultra slim LED headlamps, along with a digitally inspired lower grill give the front of the 45X signature look.
  • Slingshot line amplified by a chrome finisher that adds uniqueness to the rear of the car.
  • Surfboard mounted wing cameras and the dramatic duo tone body flanked by full led tail lamps
  • Interiors infused with Indian flavors designed for high pace, connected lifestyle
  • Premium details, innovative technologies and extraordinary infotainment experience for indulgent interiors

Technical Specifications: Parameter Description

  • Length (mm): 4253
  • Width (mm): 1850
  • Height (mm): 1451
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2630
  • Tire size: 235/35 Z R20

H5X Concept

H5X is a monocoque SUV that provides a glimpse of the future generation of Tata Motors SUV’s in terms of design, technology and sheer capabilities. It marries an extremely robust and capable architecture to our future facing design.

H5X will be the first SUV to sport the Impact 2.0 design language. It will offer extraordinary exteriors, intelligently designed plush interiors, future ready connectivity and infotainment. H5X is packed with outstanding ability, performance & durability into its design, which is luxurious yet practical, comfortable yet versatile, power packed yet easy to drive.

H5X is the first vehicle based on our new generation ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture, developed in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover. The architecture is derived from the legendary Land Rover D8 architecture and Tata engineers have used their keen understanding of the Indian market to adapt it further for Indian conditions.With legendary pedigree running through its veins, the H5X shatters all current benchmarks and paves entirely new standards for SUVs in India.

Technical Specifications: Parameter Description

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Length (mm): 4575
  • Width (mm): 1960
  • Height (mm): 1686
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2740