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The Jimny has been loved by customers around the world since the birth of its first model in 1970.
The new Jimny carries on the heritage of a small, lightweight authentic off-roader and is a masterpiece of Suzuki 4WD technology.

There are places in the world only the Jimny can go.
Overcome muddy pits, manoeuvre through dense woods, conquer massive rocks with this small off-roader that knows what true toughness is.
Chosen time and time again by those who share its spirit. The Jimny — always shaping new frontiers.

Depend on robust authenticity
– Ladder frame
– 3-link rigid axle suspension
– Part time 4WD with low range transfer gear

1st generation (1970 – )

The first-generation Jimny made its debut as the one-and-only compact 4WD in the minicar segment. With its small but powerful performance, it earned high acclaim not only from professional users but from regular users as well.

2nd generation (1981 – )

With its solid-square shape and roomy interior, the second-generation was well received by the global market and made it an unprecedented hit. It was popular with both genders and its sharp, stylish design suited both urban and off-road settings.

3rd generation (1998 – )

The third-generation introduced a higher level of comfort with its smooth aerodynamic body, longer wheelbase and refined rigid suspension. Offering greater stability and manoeuvrability on and off-road, it stayed popular worldwide for 20 years.