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The All-New Renault Duster:
The unstoppable SUV
With more than one million cars sold, the Renault Duster has been revamped seven
successful years after its original release. The All‐New Renault Duster boasts all‐new
exterior styling to deliver a distinctly assertive and robust look. The car offers a step‐up
in perceived quality with totally redesigned interior for a comfortable and user‐friendly
cabin experience. Equipped with new driving aids and new equipment, the All‐New
Duster is a genuine SUV – both versatile and comfortable for everyday driving.

All-new modern and robust exterior styling.
 New high-quality and user-friendly interior.
 A range of new equipment to facilitate travelling comfort.
 Upgraded comfort and driving pleasure.
 Enhanced safety.
 An improved 4WD driving experience and the same off-road capability that positions
the All-New Duster among the market’s very best.

“Reinventing an icon like the Duster was an enormous, yet inspiring
challenge for the design team, the aim being to carry over the strengths
that helped the original become such a hit, while taking a fresh look at the
rest. The All-New Duster and its entirely redesigned exterior and interior
are the signs that they achieved just that. Thanks to its higher belt line and
the impression that the front and rear have been widened, the All-New
Duster comes across as more forceful and its SUV calling is even more
Laurens van den Acker – SVP, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault

The All-New Duster’s robust and particularly assertive styling highlights its SUV
 Although visually more muscular, the Duster features the same compact
 The expressive front and rear appear wider, heightening the impression of stability.
 The All-New Duster’s robust stance is emphasised by its bold, more horizontal lines.
 New aluminium roof bars and more prominent front and rear skid plates point to the
All-New Duster’s adventurer credentials.
 New 17-inch wheels ensure an even more assertive profile.
The designers worked from a clean slate to design a completely new interior for
the All-New Duster, with a modern, comfortable and passenger-friendly cabin:
 The dashboard has been totally redesigned for a more status-enhancing and more
ergonomic cabin.
 The seats have been completely revised for improved comfort and better support.
 Careful attention has been paid to the materials, fit and finish. The quality of the
cabin is apparent at first glance.
 Clever storage spaces have made travelling even more convenient.
The All-New Duster catalogue also offers a range of equipment to facilitate
everyday driving. The list includes a multi-view camera, Blind Spot Warning, a
4×4 monitor, remote engine start, automatic climate control, a keyless entry and
automatic headlight activation.

All-new exterior styling
The car’s styling – one of the main reasons people buy a Duster – has been completely
refreshed. The All-New Duster boasts a modern, muscular stance and an even more
assertive personality, yet it is still a Duster through and through.
An unmistakably muscular stance
The All-New Duster has a bolder personality, both inside and outside. The exterior is
brand-new, featuring more pronounced lines to emphasise the car’s forceful character.
The fit and finish have been enhanced, too.
The All-New Duster’s robust styling has been accentuated thanks to
the following features:
 The wide chrome-finish grille, inspired by the Alaskan’s design, extends to the head
lights positioned at the car’s extreme front corners, making the All-New Duster look
wider. The lower beading, similarly picked out in chrome, underpins the grille’s
dynamic design and runs between the two headlights to create a natural visual
connection between the grille and the bumper.
 A C-shaped lighting signature, available across the Renault range, including LED
daytime running lights.
 A more horizontal bonnet with sculpted crease lines for a rugged appearance.
 A larger, mass-coloured, scratch-resistant front skid plate reinforces the All-New
Duster’s adventurer credentials and ensures that the vehicle never loses its smart

Side view:
 The higher belt line adds to the impression of robustness and protection.
 The windscreen has been brought forward100 mm and is more steeply raked, which
makes the cabin look more spacious.
 The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the
windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
 New 17-inch wheels with more prominent wheel arches.
 The black wheel arch trims highlight the car’s adventurer credentials.
 Broad haunches provide the vehicle with a modified stance.
 New rear light clusters located at the extreme corners of the car.
 Wider, mass-coloured rear skid plate.
The All-New Duster line-up features a new body colour: Dune Beige.
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“The All-New Duster’s cabin has been completely redesigned and is
now even more comfortable and practical in everyday use thanks to
handier, more status-enhancing controls, new equipment and new
storage spaces. The quality of the materials selected and the
improved fit and finish reveal how much of a big step the All-New
Duster represents.”
David Durand – Global Access Design Director

A new modern, comfortable cabin
Focus on interior comfort
The status-enhancing interior has been thoroughly updated for upgraded comfort and to
make the model even more practical in everyday use. The steeply raked windscreen
makes the cabin feel bigger, while its acoustics have been significantly improved and
cabin insulation significantly reduces noise from outside the car.
 The all-new dashboard is more generously proportioned, like other SUV models.
 The grain of the dashboard trim, the careful attention paid to the fit and finish and the
use of a matte colour create an improved and a welcoming interior.
 The centre console fascia accommodates a higher-positioned MediaNav Evolution
display for clear, easy access. The new piano key type controls give the cabin a
contemporary feel.
 The two rectangular air vents located at the top of the dashboard feature chrome
surrounds, making the cabin look even more robust.
 The steering wheel can be adjusted for height (40mm) and reach (50mm) to allow the
driver to select the most appropriate driving position.
 The steering wheel on high-end versions stands out through its exclusive Soft Feel
finish that is both durable and pleasant to the touch.
 The centre console features additional storage capacity. The hand brake has been
moved to free up space, while the new gear lever sports satin-finished chrome inserts.
 The sculpted door panels incorporate robust door releases and armrests that are
pleasant to the touch.

    The new seats are more enveloping and easy to adjust
 New seat design with a new frame and denser foam for improved lateral support and
 The seat cushion is 20mm longer.
 New adjustable head rests.
 The driver’s seat comes with an armrest, lumbar adjustment and a new heightadjustment
system (60mm).
 The introduction of new cabin trims featuring Alpaga Beige or titanium and beige
leather upholstery.
 New upholstery features a comfortable and modern 3D weave and top-stitching to
enhance the All-New Duster’s SUV feel.
Upgraded travelling comfort
Travelling comfort has reached new heights. Overall storage capacity totals
24.3 litres and many of the easy-to-access stowage spaces have been redesigned to
make the travelling experience simpler, including the new 2.8-litre stowage tray situated
under the passenger seat.
The car’s boot capacity under the luggage cover is 445dm3 (478 litres) for the 2WD
version and 411dm3 (467 litres) for the 4WD version. With the rear bench seat folded,
the maximum carrying capacity extends to 1,478dm3 (1,623 litres).
The special attention paid to soundproofing has halved noise inside the cabin.
“The All-New Duster to offer customers the chance to enjoy new
safety- and comfort-enhancing features. We extensively revisited a
range of proven technologies and simplified them by focusing on the
essentials. The multi-view camera is extremely easy to use and is
equally useful when driving off-road or in built-up areas. At the same
time, the way the keyless entry card functions has been streamlined.
The All-New Duster delivers added comfort and safety, plus a clear
step up in quality.”
Vincent Fournier – Duster Programme Director

New equipment for a reassuring drive
A new cabin experience
The All-New Duster comes with a host of new equipment to enhance travelling comfort
and driving pleasure.
 The All-New Duster offers automatic climate control. Featuring four air vents (two in
the middle and two on either side), cool or warm air is delivered optimally around the
cabin. The air conditioning system has been upgraded for use in warmer climates.
 The All-New Duster is now available with a keyless entry – technology which has
been tried and tested throughout Groupe Renault for many years. This user-friendly
system automatically opens all the doors as the driver gets close to the car and
provides remote locking (accompanied by audible confirmation) as they walk away.
The driver does not need to take their key out to start the vehicle thanks to the
start/stop button.
 The All-New Duster also comes with Blind Spot Warning. Four ultrasound sensors
located on either side of the vehicle both front and rear detect any other vehicles,
including motorcycles and trucks, coming from the rear or the side. A warning light
flashes in the door mirror housing if any danger is detected.
 The vehicle comes with remote engine start which allows owners to fire up their
engine and activate the climate control system from a distance. Depending on the time
of year, it is consequently possible to cool or warm up the cabin before climbing on

The All-New Duster is safer thanks to its reinforced vehicle frame, new seat frames,
curtain airbags and automatic headlight activation.

Meanwhile, new electric power steering makes manoeuvring easier in urban areas
or when driving off-road. On sealed roads, the All-New Duster’s delivers a particularly
comfortable ride thanks to its first-class dynamics.

A genuine SUV for everyday driving
The All-New Duster carries over the off-roading credentials that helped to make the model
such a popular success.
 Length: 4.34 metres / width: 1.80 metres;
 high ground clearance (210mm);
 approach and departure angles of 30 and 33 degrees respectively;
 breakover angle : 21 degrees.
The All-New Duster comes with new driving aids for added peace of
mind and safety.
 The car features a multi-view camera which incorporates four cameras (one at the front,
one on either side and one at the rear). The system allows the driver to view the area
around the vehicle and manoeuvre in complete peace of mind when using the vehicle off
road. It is also useful to help with parking and is activated automatically when reverse
gear is engaged.
 Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist make driving easier on sloping terrain.
 For off-road enthusiasts, the 4X4 monitor incorporates a compass and notifies the driver
of the vehicle’s angle in real time.
 MediaNav Evolution includes Driving Eco2 – a system tried and tested throughout the
Groupe Renault range –and is now available with an eco-coaching feature to encourage
drivers to drive more economically.

A 4WD experience amongst the very best
The All-New Duster offers off-road ability among the very best in its class and is now
even more fun to drive.

The All-New Duster comes with a choice of two petrol engines, namely the SCe 115
(4×2 and 4×4 versions) – mated to either a manual gearbox or CVT automatic
transmission (4×2 versions only) – or the 2.0 16V 145 with automatic transmission
(4×4 versions).

Also available are the dCi 85/90 (4×2 versions) and the dCi 110 (4×2 and 4×4 versions)
diesel powerplants which drive through a manual gearbox. Two-wheel drive versions
powered by the dCi 110 can be specified with EDC automatic dual-clutch transmission.