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Beautiful Azores Orange 2018 Mclaren 720s in Performance Trim

Tastefully optioned and with very little miles. “I’m am taking payment in bitcoin ONLY. This is your chance to cash out on the hottest car of the year. The 720s will outperform MOST supercars including veyrons, lamborgini’s, and ferraris. You know you want this car,” says the seller.

“I’m willing to meet in a public place for you to check it out. You will need to send .00001 btc to confirm the appointment,” said the seller.

Here are the major options:
Azores calipers
10 spoke lightweight wheels
vehicle lift
visible carbon body structure and carbon sill panel
electric and heated seats (nice for today’s snow!)
performance trim with scoria grey and mclaren orange
stealth pack (all chrome bits are black)
sports exhaust (highly desired option)
gorilla glass door upper
mclaren track telemetry

“You’ll end up waiting months if you want one new. I have one here ready to go in perfect condition.
I’m willing to transport with a deposit and nominal transport fee,” quotes the seller.

Cash out on those bitcoins!

Only 25 coins! (lowered from 30 coins) It’s a bargain compared to the guy who bought a pizza for 10,000 coins in 2010!