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Time to introduce Milltek Sport’s all new demo and development car, a fresh off the line Honda Civic Type R FK8.

The UK loves performance, R-badged Hondas in the same way it loves fish and chips, cups of tea and last-minute trips to the Costa del Sol, i.e., a heck of a lot! Honda is only too aware of its standing within the UK and has therefore opted to supply British buyers with some of the first examples of its all new, ground-breaking hot hatch, the Civic Type R FK8. Milltek Sport have never been content to hang around when it comes to developing new offerings for quick Hondas, and Milltek has just announced an exhaust upgrade for the box-fresh Civic, one which promises both performance and sound benefits to lucky owners.

Meet Milltek FK8, running Milltek large bore downpipes and HJS sports car and non-resonated race system whilst showcasing all of the available tailpipes options to purchase.