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The new Alto K10 sports a bold new look that will surely make heads turn. The sharp aerodynamic lines running along the side add to the sportiness of the car.

Wide horizontal lines on the hood, chrome front grille & sporty new bumper makes the new Alto K10 stand out. Redesigned tailgate for a wider look complimented by clean and sculpted looks.

With the best of performance, Alto K10 makes sure that you are geared to chase things as and when you want them. At the heart of the Alto K10 is a lightweight, yet powerful 1 Litre K-Next engine. The new Alto K10 offers the best-in-class mileage, both in manual as well as Auto Gear Shift.

Acceleration: 0-60 km/h in 5.3 s
Maximum Power of 68 PS @ 6000 rpm

The revolutionary Auto Gear Shift is based on an electronic control unit which drives the precision hydraulic actuator to control the clutch engagement and the gear shifting. It also ensures that the gear and clutch operations happen at optimal timings. This gives you the ease of driving an automatic with the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission.

Factory fitted i-GPI CNG technology is a responsible eco-friendly variant with an unbeatable mileage of 32.26 km/kg (CNG mode).

The driver side Airbag is just the kind of assurance you need when you undertake a spontaneous chase.

Emission TypeBS IV + OBD II
Engine (Cubic Capacity)K10B (998cc)
Maximum Power68 PS @ 6000 rpm68 PS @ 6000 rpm68 PS @ 6000 rpm (Gasoline mode)
59 PS @ 6000 rpm (CNG mode)
Maximum Torque90 Nm @ 3500 rpm90 Nm @ 3500 rpm90 Nm @ 3500 rpm (Gasoline mode)
78 Nm @ 3500 rpm (CNG mode)
FuelGasolineGasolineCNG + Gasoline
Transmission5 MTAuto Gear Shift5MT
Overall Length3545 mm
Overall Width1490/1515 mm with body side moulding
Overall Height1475 mm
Wheelbase2360 mm
TreadFront1295 mm
Rear1290 mm
Ground Clearance160 mm
Turning Radius4.6 m