For all the Ferrari enthusiasts out there, a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV owned by James Osterberg Jr (better known as Iggy Pop) is back in the car market, and there could be no better time than this for someone looking to become a Ferrari owner. Estimated at around £20,000 – £30,000, it is quite inexpensive when compared to other Ferraris on the marketplace. Who said you couldn’t become a Ferrari possessor on a budget?

The singer/ songwriter bought the car shortly after he moved to Miami, Florida during 1998, as suggested by the paperwork on this car. The chassis 053041 was built in 1984 as a 1985 model-year car and flaunted a beautiful Chiaro Blue with Crema leather upholstery. As quoted by ‘The Godfather of Punk’ himself, “It was a wonderful car. Whenever I wanted to blow off steam, I’d just race around the freeways here”, it goes to show how he instantly fell in love with his new car as soon as he bought it from a used car dealership.

The Ferrari 308 has passed through the hands of many owners, John Malkovich first, Iggy Pop second, who then after driving it to the maximum for years, sold it further ending up with Earl Sistrunk and Kostas Dino Linardakis. Linardakis confirmed the 308’s provenance at saying that his mechanic at Ft Lauderdale serviced this particular car when it belonged to Iggy Pop. After coming in possession of the car from the third owner, Tim- the mechanic upon seeing it, immediately recognized the 1984 Ferrari as the one that belonged to James Osterberg Jr himself.

With time, the 308 has seen a fair share of mechanical work done to its body at the behest of its many owners, each owner having made some new additions and customizations to this model. At a total of 44,217 miles, it was fitted with a reconditioned steering rack during August, 2003. In 2004, it boasted a new air-conditioning blower and cambelts. Several years later in 2010, it received a refreshed interior at Naples, Florida and the following year, it was equipped with new cambelts at c. 50,000 recorded miles.

After being sold to a Gerogia-based lawyer Norman ‘Chip’ Gerry, it was maintained by Sports Car Service of Snellville. The mechanical work on 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV continued every year- new oil hoses in 2011; new water pump, cambelt tensioner bearings, hose between fuel tanks, Koni shock absorbers etc. in 2012.

After a thorough refurbishment in 2013, the next year it gained new stainless steel brake lines, fresh brake pads and overhauled brake callipers. The latest bills accrued are for two new Bridgestone tyres and a four-wheel alignment.

Presently, this Ferrari which has seen multiple owners through the years could use a cambelt change and some more fettling here and there. However, for a Ferrari that comes with its personal dose of history, this is hardly a high price.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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