Gateway Classic Cars of Detroit is proud to offer this eye popping, Maxi Blue, 1974 AMC Javelin for sale. The Javelin served as AMC’s entry into the pony car market. In hopes to shed its economy car image, the company created the Javelin from two AMX prototypes to appeal to a more youthful and performance oriented market. In order to catch the eyes of the younger crowds, AMC styled the Javelin with voluptuous curves, front and rear spoilers, a full width cowl hood, and a wide stance.

To keep the styling separate from most pony cars of the era, this car has a “semi-fastback” roofline, making it more striking than the others. The looks aren’t the only thing that AMC focused on when producing this car, the performance is top notch as well. Under the hood of this Maxi Blue street macine is a potent 304 ci engine that makes enough power to chirp the tires and get this unique Javelin moving in the right direction.

The 304 cubic inch V8 engine is backed by a fun to drive, 727 Chrysler gearbox. This car will continue to put a smile on your face and turns heads for many years to come. The styling is striking and the car performs great in every situation. If you are looking for a cruiser that you won’t likely see in the next lane, this is a great candidate for you. For more information including visit