Introduced as an upscale alternative to Ford’s beloved Mustang, the Mercury Cougar was about as close as buyers could get to a luxurious pony car. So, when Mercury debuted the Eliminator, a package that gave buyers a chance to ditch most of those upscale appointments in favor of stripped down performance, it seemed a bit… Counterintuitive? That said, no one could deny neither the legitimacy of the car’s performance nor the effectiveness of its ‘halo’ appeal. And today, classics like this magazine-featured Eliminator 428 are a paragon for both collectors and investors alike. Looking for a different kind of pony car? This documented ram air coupe is your weapon of choice!


In May of 1969, this buff coupe was delivered to the hot and dry suburbs of Ford’s Atlanta Ordering District. Then, as now, the car wore striking Bright Blue Metallic paint under White Eliminator striping that’s a perfect complement to Dean Beck’s peaked profile lines. That said, Ford’s production-focused assembly wasn’t nearly as exacting as the car’s professional, ground-up restoration. And 1970 single-stage just didn’t possess the shine and durability of modern 2-stage pigment. This coupe’s big presence likely started with big labor, as its sculpted body is nice enough to impress pretty much anyone who lays eyes on it. There is little to fault in the car’s paintwork, which presents clear reflections and a distinct absence of noteworthy flaws. And overall, this surly Cougar is clean, solid and ready to prowl!

Nobody does power like Detroit, and nobody does pony cars like Ford. When you combine those two dynamisms you get some of the coolest muscle cars ever produced. And in the muscle car world, appeal begins with aesthetics. The front of this Cougar is dominated by a requisite blackout grille, which hangs epic emblems between hidden headlights, a squared bumper and ornate parking lamps. Above that grille, a “Cougar” branded header leads a pinned hood, which centers a functional scoop in front of straight trim, satin wipers and a correct, color-keyed mirror. At the sides of that glass, chrome-trimmed marker lamps triangulate old school door handles. And at the back of the car, small “Cougar” quarter scripts lead a tall wing, ornate tail lamps and a second squared bumper.


Hoist the hood and you’ll find 428 cubic inches of legendary, date-correct V8 that looks as fresh as the day it rolled out of the restoration shop. Long regarded as one of the meanest MoTown mills ever created, Ford’s fabled Cobra Jet utilized revised heads, heavy duty Le Mans connecting rods and a nodular iron crank to ensure blue oval pony cars remained the kings of stoplight muscle. At the top of the Ford Blue mill, factory Ram Air induction funnels wind through a dressed and decaled air cleaner that’s propped on a modern Holley carburetor. At the sides of that carb, finned aluminum valve covers shade restored exhaust manifolds. In front of those tubes, a correct points distributor sequences fire through pliable Autolite Radio Resistance cables. Below those wires, reproduction Autolite hoses circulate water through era-correct screw clamps and a grease-marked radiator. Items like correct air conditioning and factory smog equipment add an increased level of value and detail. And, if you’re looking for a bit more authenticity, the car’s sale does include its vintage Holley 4-barrel.


Take a look under this awesome coupe and you’ll find clean, Red Oxide floors that are restoration-fresh in virtually every way. Just aft of the legendary V8, a numbers-matching C6 3-speed spins a tough 9-inch axle that’s finished with a Traction-Lok differential and big, 3.73 gears. A factory-spec suspension centers correct power steering between factory drum brakes. In the middle of the car, an aluminized, true-dual exhaust system funnels spent gases through an H-shaped crossover and throaty turbo mufflers. And at the edges of the car, power meets pavement through correct Argent wheels and F70-14 Goodyear Polyglas Custom Wide Treads.


Between the doors, a correct Blue interior features correct Hi-Back vinyl seats that are complemented by black, Cougar-themed floor mats. In front of those Comfort-Weave buckets, a monochromatic dash founds rebuilt factory telemetry next to a rebuilt clock, correct Philco audio and correct Whisper-Aire air conditioning. A simple shifter is caged in clean carpet and correct, wood-trimmed Décor Group side panels. And the driver spins an ornate, wood-trimmed steering wheel.

Mixing a legendary drivetrain with incredible style, the Mercury Cougar virtually defines exclusive Motor City muscle. And, documented, restored and ready to turn heads, this magazine-featured Eliminator 428 is a great choice for any collector who’s looking for a fun classic that doubles as a great investment. Don’t miss the chance to make this Merc a centerpiece of your collection!



* Documented Cougar Eliminator 428 that’s benefitted from a professional, ground-up restoration
* One of only 2,250 1969 Cougar Eliminators produced
* One of only 302 1969 Cougar Eliminators equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet V8
* Date-correct 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8 / Correct ram air induction
* Numbers-matching C6 Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission
* Correct Ford 9-inch rear axle / Traction-Lok differential / 3.73 gears
* Factory Whisper-Aire air conditioning
* Correct power steering
* Correct Blue vinyl interior
* Correct Bright Blue Metallic paint
* Deluxe Marti Auto Works Report photocopy
* Muscle Car Review feature article
* All RK Motors vehicles receive a comprehensive, multi-point inspection
* We can ship your new classic anywhere in the world

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