The very first line in production of the first year of  Slate Grey colour 1967 Porsche 911 S coupe was found abandoned by its owner who was a mechanic from Florida, and who used it for many years before parking it in a pole barn from 1993. Later this automobile was acquired from the previous owner’s granddaughter in 2018 in a non running project.

This would a perfect built for the enthusiasts and this car had retained its 911S-specific equipment including a 2.0-liter flat-six with triple-choke Weber carburetors, a dogleg five-speed manual transaxle, 15″ Fuchs wheels, fog lamps, and more. This 911S project is offered at no reserve with a spare wheel, a jack and a tool roll and has the rebuilt Florida title in the seller’s name.

The body bears the wear and tear of all those years it was abandoned and almost the entire exterior of the car is rusted, having the exterior paint deteriorated and the interior has gotten worse with debris all over it and covered in fungus and all kinds of remnants of the time when it was laid bare without a are and which no one would believe that Porsche 911 would to be stuffed with.  There are few of the original parts of the automobile such as sunroof, fog lamp, and a rear window wiper that are retained along with exterior lighting, trim, glass and bumper.

According to the seller’s note, the right rear brake and ale are unmounted and hanging and the worst of it is  the debris is present throughout the interior, and  there is significant rust-through is the floor pans. There is one headrest missing and the driver’s window regulator is inoperable.

The car was in a bad condition and in need of love and care also some maintenance would do just wonders for the poor being left alone for so many years literally went from being a motoring icon to yard sale product but can be reformed to its former glory also the car is given without any keys but a 911 S badge is still there and anyways who needs a key these days just break the window every time you want to get inside or you can use the sunroof too.

Moving away from the jokes the car was a home for squirrels as per the seller and definitely would require a lot of work and time from the buyer as for cleaning the car to fixing everything and would not be a easy task to get this legend back to its glory.

Parth Solanki

Parth Solanki

My name is Parth Solanki and I have loved cars from the time when I was 5 when my dad took me to a car dealership and since then I have been in love with them. Favourite Car: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Quote: "Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that’s what gets you" - Jeremy Clarkson