This unbelievable 1964 Chevrolet Impala 409/425hp Dual Quad V8 4-spd Convertible is truly one of the best known examples to exist. It has been fully documented by 1958-1964 Chevrolet Impala expert Verne Frantz of JV Engineering. The documented letter is included. This car was owned by the last owner since 1965. A notarized letter from this owner and the original title from 1969 are included. This car retains the original VIN tag, trim tag, major sheet metal, black with black color combination, 409/425hp Dual Quad V8 engine and 4:11 rear end. It was restored by well-known Show Car Automotive who won the Ridler Award in 2020. This car has won many significant awards including a six time Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse”, two time Late Great Chevy “Award of Excellence” and “Showcase” and Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals “Concours Gold”. This is the “Holy Grail”!
As the VIN number indicates this car was built as a 1964 Chevrolet Impala 8-cyclinder Convertible in Janesville, WI. The fisher body was assembled on or about May 11th. It was final assembled on or about May 12th, 1964. As the trim tag indicates it was ordered in color (RPO 900) Tuxedo Black and trim (RPO 814-1) Black vinyl with white convertible top. It was ordered as a non SS model with a 409/425hp Dual Quad V8, 4-speed and 4:11 rear end. This was definitely a special order based on the options. This car was originally sold new at Bill Jacobs Chevrolet located in Juliet, IL. It was purchased by the second owner named Bob Gamboa in 1965 as indicated in the notarized letter that is included. The story of how Bob found the car is described in the letter. This car spent the last 55 years with Bob until now.

In 1992, Bob decided to have the car professionally restored. The car only had mileage in the 40’s when the restoration started. He sent the car to well-known Show Car Automotive because they had a great reputation for Impalas and do amazing black paint jobs. They still specialize in quality reproduction of 348-409 Chevrolet parts for 1958-1964 passenger cars. They also still do amazing black paint jobs. Matter of fact, they just won the Ridler Award for 2020 with a black 1963 Chevrolet 2-door Station Wagon. This was the first black car to ever win the Ridler Award. Brad, Brady and Cory Ranweiler do excellent work. During the restoration they used as many of the original parts as they could to keep the authenticity. The restoration was completed in 1995. Hundreds of receipts are included that were put in plastic sleeves in date order along with a new binder. When the car was completed Bob started showing the car at major shows. It was trailered to the shows from 1997 to 2010. It won many awards which are listed in detail below. Since the restoration was completed the car only accumulated 23 miles and it was stored in a Car Capsule air bubble. After 55 years of ownership Bob decided to sell the car. MS CLASSIC CARS purchased the car in March of 2020 and listed it for the first time in July of 2020.

The exterior of this car is car is absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. Sometimes classic cars just do the talking and this is one of those cars. The 1964 Impala is popular among people because of its gorgeous styling. When you add a convertible top it just puts the icing on the cake. This car retains most of its original sheet metal and is extremely straight. Many Impalas don’t have straight bodies because of the amount of sheet metal. The gaps in the body are great. The hood, doors and deck lid function beautifully. The body was painted in its original color of Tuxedo Black which dresses this car perfectly. The paint has recently been cut and buffed to a show quality shine. The paint only has a few tiny imperfections with the largest one being a spot on the hood that is the size of a pencil eraser. It’s hard to imagine this paint job is almost 25 years old. It goes to show the quality work that Show Cars Automotive does. The car sports a white power convertible top which breaks up the black exterior and interior. The white top also matches the white body side moldings and white wall tires. The car was born with a white top as indicated above. The original black convertible top boot fits like a glove and is included. All of the glass is original and in very nice condition. The front windshield does show some small chips and little scratches as expected with after 56 years. Everything on the exterior has been restored or replaced such as the window trim, wiper arms, chrome trim, door handles, bumpers, antenna, emblems, etc. The top of the original front grill was painted black to hide some light scratches. The car sits on steel wheels with chrome hub caps. The wheels have been wrapped with new BF Goodrich Silvertown 8.00-14 ply white wall tires that were added by MS CLASSIC CARS. This is one good looking classic!

The interior of this car is also beautiful in every sense of the word. The interior is actually very spacious and comfortable. Although the interior did have some pieces restored a lot of pieces are original. Remember this car only had mileage in the 40’s prior to the restoration. Bob remembered some of the original pieces included the gauges, steering wheel, door panels and back seat but can’t be exact based on the timeframe of when it was restored. The power convertible top works very smoothly. The sun visors, rear view mirror, dash, dash hardware, gauges, steering wheel, door panels, door hardware, seats, shifter and carpeting is very nice. Everything in the interior is in working order such as the lights, gauges, clock, radio, heating system, horn etc. Even the cold engine light works! It has the correct style rubber floor mats. The trunk compartment looks stunning. It was completely restored. It was finished in the correct style trunk splatter paint and the correct style trunk mat. It’s equipped with a full size matching spare and jack tools.

The engine compartment is of this car is highly detailed throughout with many correct parts. The firewall, inner fenders and radiator support were finished in black. The car is powered by the original matching numbers 409/425hp Dual Quad V8 engine. The engine pad numbers are as follows: J281151 T0408 QB. The first set of numbers match this car’s last six digits of the VIN number. As quoted from Impala expert Verne Frantz of JV Engineering, “this engine was casted on February 22nd, 1964 and the final assembly was on April 8th, 1964. All the component dates are typical of production and the block stamp is the original with correct broach marks indicating this is the original engine installed in this car when it was built at Janesville.” The engine was completely rebuilt during the restoration by Protech Engines located in Mokena, IL. All of the engine rebuilt receipts are included and indicate the engine numbers on the receipts. The engine has the original correct 583 heads. The intake casting number is #3814881. It still retains the original Carter AFB dual carburetors with the original tags that are dated January 1964. Verne Frantz had looked at this car over 20 years ago at a car show and spoke to Bob about it as indicated in the notarized letter that Bob provided. Even back then, Verne couldn’t believe the car still retains its original carburetors with tags. MS CLASSIC CARS removed the engine and sent it to well-known Nat’s Engine located in Swansea, MA for an engine refresh. The engine has the correct parts such as the camshaft. MS CLASSIC CARS also sent the carburetors out them professionally restored. The engine was then dyno tested with the carburetors at Nat’s Engine on 05-20-2020. It dyno tested at 432hp @5700 RPM with 434 ft lbs @ 4400 RPM. The dyno sheet is included. This engine starts very easily and runs beautiful. The engine sounds great out the factory manifolds and dual exhaust system. The engine is coupled to a 1964 Muncie wide ratio transmission. The casting number is #3851325. As quoted by Impala expert Verne Frantz, “at some point in the first 18 months of this car’s life, the original close ratio Muncie 4-speed transmission was replaced with a 1964 Muncie wide ratio transmission, for reasons unknown. The power is transferred the rebuilt rear end. As quoted by Impala expert Verne Frantz, “the rear axle housing was cast by Detroit Gear and Axle on January 27th, 1964 and assembled on February 20th, 1964. It is coded as a 4.11 Positraction. Dates are typical of production and the rear is deemed to be the original.”

The undercarriage of this car is also highly detailed throughout with many correct parts. This undercarriage is nice enough to display with mirrors at a car show. The entire underside was finished in the correct red oxide color. All of the steering, suspension and braking components were restored or replaced.

This authentic 1964 Chevrolet Impala 409/425hp Dual Quad V8 4-spd Convertible is truly one of the best. This is a golden opportunity to purchase a car that doesn’t exist anywhere else but right here, right now.

Awards in date order:
August 1997 – Late Great Chevy “Chevy Showdown Winner – Award of Excellence” 965 of 1000 possible points.
July 1998 – Late Great Chevy – “Gold Award” 969 of 1000 possible points.
November 2001 – Chevy Vettefest – “Chevrolet and Corvette Showcase Winner”.
June 2002 – Late Great Chevy – Chevy Times “Award of Excellence”.
November 2003 – Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse”
November 2004 – Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse”
November 2005 – Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse” 994 of 1000 possible points. Juding sheets but award missing.
November 2006 – Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse” Certificate included.
November 2007- Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse” 988 of 1000 possible points.
November 2008 – Chevy Vettefest “Gold Spinner Concourse” 983 of 1000 possible points.
November 2010 – Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals “Concours Gold” Certificate included. 968 of 1000 possible points.

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