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Mercedes-Benz has had a long and storied history with commercial vehicles. Prior to merging with Karl Benz in 1926, both firms ventured into truck production and development continued with the first diesel-powered light truck in 1932.

As the 1950s arrived, Mercedes-Benz’s commercial lineup expanded to include both trucks and busses. In 1955, the firm introduced the medium-duty L 319 truck and its counterpart, the O 319 bus, as worthy competitors in Europe’s burgeoning market. Both featured a front engine layout and “forward control” cab with a large greenhouse and simple, yet distinctive styling.

This incredible O 319 bus has been fully restored, while being both extensively and subtly modified into a camper. Its prior owner, an eccentric computer engineer, used his extensive skills to painstakingly restore and upgrade this unique vehicle over a 15-year period.

The exterior boasts exceptionally straight panels and paintwork in factory colors done to a very high standard. Underneath is a modern air-ride suspension system adapted to the standard factory dual rear-wheel setup. Workmanship is meticulous with precise plumbing and expert electricals designed to handle the demands of modern accessories. Details include a centralized circuit-breaker panel and lighting for every cubby and compartment upon opening. Propane and water tanks are installed underneath the body and cleverly integrated along frame rails.

Inside, one will find modern leather seats up front and a comfortable rear berth. A custom-made cabinet houses the sink, stove, and provides storage. Dual audio systems are integrated front and rear and housed within custom-made cabinetry. A cleverly stowed solar panel is fitted for those treks “off the grid.”

A modern, fuel-injected Mercedes-Benz gasoline engine and automatic transmission with Gear Vendor overdrive and oil cooler provides power. An array of re-mapped chips is included, presumably to accommodate all kinds of driving conditions.

Clever details abound in this unique vehicle, thoroughly sorted and ready for one’s next adventure.