The VIN 56016 was designed as a GS Carrera Coupe with engine number 90636 according to the Porsche Carrera Book by Rolf Springier & Steve Heinrichs. On March 29, 1956, Reutter finalised the body and on May 18, 1956, its production was completed. Done in stunning colour combination of Lago Green Metallic (606) with Light Beige (366) leatherette interiors.

Finished in metal, the body of the car is fitted with outstanding spaces and panel suitable for paint. It even consists of strong and absolutely rust-free matching deck lids, doors, date coded fuel tank and date coded fuel sender in addition with the body, floor pans and battery box. Along with a nice interior, it comes with a dash in Lago green color combined with original Carrera gauges, period radio, knobs and clock. Though Carrera Coupe doesn’t really come with the original engine yet it is best suited for a buyer with a 4-cam engine, further bringing in a chance to build the ultimate 356 Outlaw as well.

In addition with Porsche Classic Technical Certificate (CTC), it also has confirming matching transmission (9412), along with the Reutter Certificate of Production. Its indeed an exceptionally rare chance to have a 1956 356A T1 1500 GS Carrera Coupe project with European bumpers and beehive taillights.

This 356A was released after the success and popularity of the original 356 which later got to be known as “Pre-A”. Followed by the revision in 1957 that culminated in a Technical Program (T2), this 356A was initially a part of factory designation “Technical Program 1” (T1).

Adjustments to the exterior of the 356 were minor, however new 1600cc engine along with revamped suspension and wider tyres were introduced. A critical eye can note the inclusion of a strip of rub under the doors and the use of enamel paint instead of lacquer. With a flat-face dashboard matching the contour which is now angled instead of the twisted windscreen, interior adjustments were equally minimal. The availability of an optional dash clock, courtesy dome lighting, and a modern radio is another option.

Ranging from 44bhp 1300cc model to the 100bhp 1500cc Carrera GS, the 356A was accessible with five different 4-cylinder engines. The Porsche 356 was planned and assembled from its inception to make the best of its innovative pedigree. In road etiquette and treating this is seen in abundance. Although other manufacturers used increased capacity engines to improve efficiency, Porsche focused on the combination between lightness and innovation to achieve this aim of out-performing comparable machinery with often twice the horsepower. Over the year its appeal has been increased due to the performance and success of the Porsche as whole.

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