Exterior ColorRED
Interior ColorWHITE
Engine Size241CI

A Chrysler Corporation “dream” or concept car for the Plymouth Division, the Belmont was highly publicized and well-received by the public at the various major automobile shows at which it was displayed – including the 1954 New York Auto Show. The car was styled by Briggs and built by Chrysler in the United States. The major theme stressed by the company was that the Belmont was a practical car in every sense, combined with sweeping beauty. The fiberglass roadster body was mounted on the standard Plymouth chassis that had been proven by billions of miles of owner use, creating an unmatchable combination. The car is powered by a 157hp poly-head 241ci V8 engine, the 14th Plymouth V8 built for the 1955 model run. Unfortunately, the car was never put into production – so this example is the only one ever built. Although concept and “dream” cars were routinely destroyed once their useful life was over, under a special arrangement with Chrysler, the Belmont became the personal property of Vice President of Design Virgil Exner for several years. A complete restoration brought this unique vehicle back to its original show car condition.