In its long history ranging over 85 years, in 1935 at Prague Motor Show Skoda premiered its new prototype which was extremely aesthetic and futuristic for its time, it was not only the looks but has the brains to show off too. The Dynamic 935 was extremely aerodynamic and Drag Coefficient and it also had a strong engine for its time.

The Dynamic 935 had a Boxer Engine Setup paired to a 4-Speed Electromagnetic gearbox from a French Manufacturer named Cotal, producing 55 HP and could accelerate the car to a top-speed of 130 km/h Also the engine was rear-centre set to lower the centre of gravity.

The car was really quite futuristic for its time. The designers from Mladá Boleslav had combined both technically advanced and unconventional solutions in this unique model to present the best prototype of design engineering.  This later helped other companies’ engineers for the future which was the latest findings from flow science.  Moreover with design principles and expertise gained from this model were carried to future generations of automobiles with newer versions in the line. Škoda Popular Monte Carlo of 1936 and the “motorway version” of the Škoda Rapid 1500 OHV were the cars who got their inspiration from the 935 Dynamic.

After the great success streak of Skoda it decided to make rally version of the car, 1937 Monte Carlo Rally with a modified, more compact version. After all, Zdenek Pohl and Jaroslav Hausman had won their class in 1936 with the Škoda Popular roadster at the “Queen of Rallies”. The then chief designer Karel Hrdlička noted in his diary on 25 March 1936: “We will make the 935 lighter and convert it into a rally car for Pohl but the car never saw the race track and development of sports cars were halted in 1939 and the car was moved to Skoda’s Used Car Stock where it got bought out.

This car remains one of the historic moments of design engineering for all car aficoniadoes with its specs that had a boxer engine that was  water-cooled four-cylinder engine with a displacement of two litres has opposing cylinders and was mounted in front of the rear axle as a rear-centre engine. This lowered the centre of gravity fo the car and improved its driving performance.

Since those early days, the car has seen many races and subsequently it was to a private buyer in 1939. Skoda bought it back in 1960s and since then they have been creating a historic car collection and just 3 years ago the Unique Dyanmic 935 was added to this collection after its was painstakingly restored to its former glory and now it sits at The ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav ever since.

Parth Solanki

Parth Solanki

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