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  • RM Sotheby’s announces private collection offered entirely without reserve for its 19th annual Arizona auction, 18-19 January 2018
  • Entitled ‘A Century of Sports Cars’, eleven-car collection is highlighted by stand out Italian sports and GT models, featuring one of the oldest known Alfa Romeos
  • Additional information and frequently updated list of entries available at rmsothebys.com

CULVER CITY, California – RM Sotheby’s is delighted to announce a private collection set to lead early features for the company’s 19th annual Arizona sale, 18-19 January at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Entitled “A Century of Sports Cars”, the collection of eleven automobiles is offered entirely without reserve from a private California collector and ranges from one of the oldest known Alfa Romeos—a 1921 G1—to a 2015 Ferrari California T.

The very first model produced when the former A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) joined forces with entrepreneur Nicola Romeo to become the legendary Alfa Romeo, was the G1. Intended to compete with its American and British luxury contemporaries, the G1 was Alfa Romeo’s first six-cylinder model and boasted the company’s largest engine capacity to date. However, due to high fuel costs and road taxes at the time, a mere 52, including two prototypes, were built. The 1921 Alfa Romeo G1 offered in Arizona, chassis no. 6018, is one of the earliest known examples and was delivered new to Australia, with its original owner placing the car into storage early on in its life, where it would remain for more than two decades. Discovered on a farm in the late 1940s, the G1 was hidden away once again until 1965 when acquired by Alfa Romeo enthusiast Ross Flewell-Smith. Painstakingly restored by Flewell-Smith in the 1970s and once again in the early 2000s by Neville Crichton, the G1 has been twice awarded at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, most recently in 2013. Entirely event-ready, the G1 is the oldest running and driving Alfa Romeo and has since participated successfully in numerous events, including the 2014 Mille Miglia, and the 75th Goodwood Members Meeting, as well as being displayed at Museo Enzo Ferrari in 2015. The only complete G1 in existence today, the offering of 6018 is a rare opportunity to acquire the earliest piece of Alfa Romeo history (Estimate available upon request).